Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

Dear readers,

I had to pull back and consecrate more time to finishing my first novel. It's done! SAFFRON HAPPY is completed. I'm delighted to share a summary of it with you. It goes as follows:

When his motorbike repair shop shuts down, a husband takes the controversial decision to join his wife at her roadside doughnut stand from which she was financially supporting the family for months. Illiterates and a minority in a mostly polygamous society, this one husband and one wife team maneuver their way through rigid social norms, interesting interpersonal relations and the desire to provide their children with opportunities they themselves never had. My novel is set in the Ivory Coast and takes the reader on a journey through the joys and tribulations of daily lives, cultural beliefs and practices, and family dynamics common to many countries in West Africa.
I look forward to have it published and share the exciting story with all of you.
Thank you for your support!


  1. Congrats on finishing your novel, Oumou! That is quite an accomplishment.

  2. Hi Roxanne,

    You know I just saw this comment now. Thank you very much. Yes, I finished it and I've sent it to the 3 agents who have requested so far. I keep making revisions to it but I started working on my second.
    How are things going with you?
    Have a wonderful weekend.